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Auburn Bike Park - We Need Your Help!

First, NFARA supports an Auburn bike park. However, we oppose this location because of visual, environmental, and historical impacts. NFARA's mission is to protect the wild, scenic, and cultural heritage of the North Fork American River Canyon. Flyer about our concerns.

On Thursday, September 28, at 6:00 PM at Canyon View Community Center, 471 Maidu Drive, Auburn Recreation District (ARD) will have a Board meeting to consider adoption of the Mitigated Negative Declaration for the proposed Maidu Bike Park.

Several other superior locations, like Regional Park or Shockley Road, have been identified and the park should be located there, rather than on the canyon rim. We dispute the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) and support a No Action alterative.

We believe the following impacts were inadequately addressed in the draft CEQA / NEPA:

  • Significant loss of an irreplaceable viewscape and scenic vistas;
  • The change in use from a passive recreation area to an active area;
  • No comparable mitigation for nationally designated historical trail loss;
  • The community previously and publicly expressed they do not want a bike park at Maidu Drive;
  • The community was not given the full scope of the project, and;
  • The MND did not effectively address area heath and safety issues from airborne dust and particulate matter including asbestos
To view ARD documents regarding the project, go to: http://www.auburnrec.com/public-notices.php. Please attend the meeting or send your comments to say you are against this location for the Auburn bike park and for ARD to go back to their list and select a better and less controversial location.

Kahl Muscott, District Administrator
Auburn Area Recreation and Park District
123 Recreation Drive
Auburn, CA 95603
530-885-0611 Ext102

ARD Board of Directors
Gordon Ainsleigh, gainsleigh@auburnrec.com
Jim Gray, jgray@auburnrec.com
Jim Ferris, jferris@auburnrec.com
Scott Holbrook, sholbrook@auburnrec.com
Mike Lynch, Mike.lynch.ard@gmail.com

We, like many other users, feel that development should not be expanded onto the edge of a beautiful river canyon. A bike park will diminish the quality of the passive recreational use and natural surroundings of this beautiful, treasured area. Send comments up to the meeting date or attend the meeting and voice your concerns.

For more information on NFARA activities or on how to join, contact Jim Ricker at 530-389-8344 or email at jvricker@prince-ricker.net.


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Updated 8/22/17